Why Can’t A Younger Boy Get Married To A Elder Girl In Indian Tradition?


In Indian marriages, bride has to be younger than the groom, This is what we learned from our tradition from ages..What If a boy loves a girl elder than him? I don’t think how many people will appreciate this.. But surely as per my experience our society will declare it’s a unforgivable crime….
I have seen other countries marriage traditions too, but why this tradition applies only in India why not in other countries. Then I started to research on this subject.. After spending few months on this particular subject, I found few key points..
What if we solve these issues, then a girl get married to a boy younger than her?
1) Girls maturity levels always 20 percent quicker than the boys.. ( This is the first issue)
If a boy married a girl elder than him, the first issue he faces her maturity levels.. Because she can think more advance than him.. Here is the first problem starts when a husband found her wife thinking more intelligently than him..
#Before they both get enter into the marital life they should have to take few initiatives such as if the girl is good at taking quick decisions, the boy should let her to take care of decision related things and by same way if he is good at managing things the girl should let him to take lead in those things..By giving respect to each other decisions their bond will get more stronger..
2) When the couple in the later age the physical necessities plays a pivotal role. ( The major issue )
This the most important issue for the females.. Because when a girl reaches in her mid age the sexual interest will become more less in her, since the boy is younger than her, he will anticipate more physical things from her..
#They both should have to understand each others physical capabilities before they get into action.. If the girl is OK with physical things then the situation is going to be alright if not the male has to understand her physical condition and let her give what she wants apart from physical things..
3) When they both reaches in to their old age, the situation has to be control by the male..
#Usually females has the patience than the boys in most things.. For instance, a working women can deal with lot of things.. She has to take care of household things equally children then husband needs.. When she reaches to office she has to deal with the problems there as well. But her day won’t complete there, she has to come back from office and take children care and night husband’s wants..
It will be the male responsibility to take her care when they both get old..
So, if they both can deal with above things i think it’s not a big issue if a boy married a girl elder than him..

#Guys the above lines are truly my personal feelings.. If anyone has a better view on this topic please share.. Your advise might be very helpful for those who are in this situations..