Hello, Friend! you are forging here that means, I clutch your attention somewhere with my writings..
Welcome to my blog…


I am Srinivas..  I can imagine what you are thinking right now, you find different name when you visited this blog. Am I right?
“Pinakahasta”  is my writing name.
Many writers won’t believe in having a writing name, but I do.. This name gives me that passion towards writing.


I don’t have any qualification related to writing.. Basically I am a good reader, which makes me to write stories..that’s the very reason this blog is breathing..


 When ever my mind struck, specially when i am writing, I prefer to walk as much as i can so that my brain can relax.. Most of the time i find myself in my room with embracing a book or writing a book.. If i am not reading and writing that means, one can only finds me in trekking..