Don’t Judge Me



Why people always judge me.. Don’t i know myself?.. Rather i am such a fool to let them judge me.. Every day when i step out side their eyes follows me even when i lay down on my bed their eyes still follows me. I was tied up with this life.. Infact i haven’t had a life the moment a stepped in to this world. After spending so many years in this cursed world, they all are starting to look to me as creatures. I want to fly away from these creatures but how.. I don’t have an answer.. So, i started to spend most of my life in between the walls like a prisoner. My body and my heart starts to loose control on my mind.. As a result my mind took over control on my body and started torturing me by bringing those creatures in mind.. I cried like a small baby. What i could do apart from that.. No one come to aid me, my heart was broken, My eyes lost the life in it, my cheeks were filled with tears. My ears lost the sense of hearing, my eyes slowly took me into dark side and finally my heart started to beats low.. At last that day has come for me to go away from this insane people.. That was the first time my face has ever experienced the joy of smiling..




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