We reached the camp place at 12.00pm.. I thought the camping place would be in the forest and frankly i was scared. But when we reached the point i was amazed.. Such a beautiful place, There are 3 Mango trees loaded with mangos in front yard of the camp place. There I find a small shivji temple, which was constructed like a well and two cows as well. This place is truly filled with positive energy may be it’s because of the untouched greenary..
While we observing the nature mumpy went to inside for checking our stay. It’s took hardly 10mins for her to come back. Guys we have 2options here for stay, she announced with her enrgetic voice. We have a large tent and 5 camping tents here. It’s up to you guys, decide quickly. Without giving any option to us, girls occupied camping tents. We have no choice but to accept the big one. We have enough space in our tent with 4large beds and one table fan. I didn’t expected this kind of accombidation in this forest.
Mumpy came into our tent with her loud voice, Guys you have 1 hour time, so freshup quickly and come to dining area, we are starting our trip with indrouction section..
After one hour we all are gathered in dining area. Mumpy has taken the lead and started the introduction round, by the time we completed the intro, I found 4HR’s, 1lawyer, 2central govt employees, 1 bank employee, 1 add director, 1 trade analyst, 1 lecturer, 1 professional photographer and 1 fitness trainer in our group. The only guy who hasn’t spoken anything about his job profile is me. Still i can sense my heart is not in the condition to come out from my past may be that’s the reason I couldn’t able to open up myself, so I stay quiet. But i found one intresting character there.. “Viral Vachani”. When mumpy said about him, i was really shocked. He left his job for his passion. Is that possible, can a man sacrifise his only earning source because of his passion.. The instance is in front of my eyes..
We completed our lunch quickly to hit our first day in ‘Dandeli Forest’.
Our first adventure started with kayaking in kali river. Kayaking is the use of a kayak for moving across water. Apart from viral, everyone enjoyed the kayaking, later we end up our day with natural jacuzzi. Most of us enjoyed natural jacuzzi, even viral joined in this activity. We came back to the resort by 7pm.
Everyone enjoying the bornfire with light music, i am still holding back.. I am sitting on the bench in the back yard, watching the river.. The river flows exactly like my heart. Not able to stay quiet making lots of noice. While i am in my mood to thinking some nonsense, i heard a voice, oye! shree udar kya kar raha?.. It’s ‘Snehal’..
Kuch nahi yaar.. I replied.
Come here.. she said
Nahi yaar.. Feeling little bit tide. I will take rest.
Arey! Tu rest lena aya idar.. She questioned me.
No yaar..
Then come..
She grabed my hand and took me to the Front yard, where every one dancing crazily.. lot of fun songs going around, everybody enjoying the moment. But me and viral stay out of the dancing. Girls are really awesome in dancing, specailly Mumpy and Shubhi. Mumpy, always has that big smile on her face even when she dancing. Shubhi, I believe she can express anything with her eyes.
‘Pankaj sir’ tried to match his steps with them. The dancing mania goes till 10.30pm, finally every one moves towards the dining area to have dinner.
I was not able sleep in tent.. looking everything new to me. i came out to front yard, one could faintly see these mango trees even in darkness. I am sitting on the table near to the bornfire by watching the mango trees. I don’t know how much time i been like that, suddenly one voice questioned me. Tu akela kya kar raha hai idar? I was scared but when i turned back it was tejaswini. she is looking beautiful with white top and black pant.. charming part about her is her “DIMPLES”.
Nothing yaar, not able to sleep, so i came here for fresh air..
she sat next to me.. I have been observing you since our first meeting in mumbai..
Tu hamesha itna udaas kyun rehta hai? she asked me
Nothing like that yaar. i am just feeling uncomfortable. I said.
What is uncomfortable here? she asked me confusingly.
I don’t know but, Suddenly my heart goes so heavy, my eyes filled with tears..
Hooo, what’s happening to you. It’s ok. If you don’t want share it’s fine. But remember, idar jo bhi aaya na, sab logon ke life me bahut problems rehte hai. even it applies to me. That’s the reason we came here to take out that stress, I know we have to accept that stressfull life again but the quality time we are spending here gives us that capacity to deal with probelms. Most of us don’t know each other either. We came here to find new friends. So don’t think much, everything going to be alright.
First time in my life, I felt some one is caring about me. I finally started to open up myself.
I am not happy with my life.. There is always an emptyness in it. I tried to figure out many times but always i remains as a failure. I want to do something with this life but don’t know how to start. But one thing for sure I don’t want to die as I am, I have nothing to prove others but i want to prove myself what i am capable off..
So, this is your problem. Dekh ‘Sri’ sab me ek hidden talent rehta hai. Try to figure it out. Maine pehle bhi bola hai tereku. Trip me log new freinds banane keliye bhi athe hai. We all here to help you, try to figure out want you want become.. But remeber onething sri, “LIFE ME HAR KOI BURE VAKT AUR HAALAAT KE SAATH LADTA REHTA HAI, BUT NEVER SURRENDER YOURSELF TO THE CONDITIONS TRY TO UTILIZE THEM”. She advised me and she went off..
Her words deeply affected to my heart. I don’t know how much time i spent there, thinking about her words.. but finally I came to one conclusion, waht ever happens i will not let myself fail.. I will figure out want i want to be. Suddenly i remeber the NIKON 3400 camera, that I bought before i came here. So i want to start my trail with that.
Morning by the time i wake up, every one has left for cycling. The first thing in the morning I decided to forget my past life and start a new journey.
I finsihed my routinees and take out the camera. I came out from the tent, there i find Snehal and Subhanshu.
Hi, where you guys are heading? I asked them..
We are going into forest for photoshoot..
Can I join you guys?
Sure, come on let’s go..
I just followed them..
Snehal is guiding options to subhanshu.. So, i asked her. Hey! snehal this is new camera and i don’t know how to operate it, can you help me with this..
She adjusted few options in the camera and explained me how it works but it took me little while to understand.. The first picture i have captured in the camera is ‘Snehal’. She is looking so pretty in that photo.. Slowly i am able grab my interest in it. The first photo i admired myself was, the local ‘Thanda childrens photo’. I felt really happy. We almost spent 2hours in the forest. Later Mansi and Brinda joined us. One thing i moslty loved in ‘Mansi’ was her way of talking. I felt, when she talks, she becomes like a small child with her sweet voice. Brinda, i would say she is most matured person in our group.
We find a cute puppy in the forest. we have taken lots of photos with the puppy..When ever i captured a photo, i went to snehal to take her opinion on it and she is really awesome in explaining in things. Slowly i am able to adobting the nature. It is really fun.
By the afternoon we came back to our camping place.. Mumpy has announced again,Evening we are going to crocodile park and kali river. So, guys please don’t go anywhere individually. If you are going anywhere please inform me..
Evening, we went to crocodile park. alomost 500mtrs fencing line covering the area. The other side of fencing, we find 10 to 15 crocodiles. Almost each crocodile length is nearly 4.5 to 5mtrs. Those are huge.. I almost covered most crocodile pics with my cam. After that Mumpy led us to Kali river. This river is so calm than the other day one.
Everybody having fun in the river by taking under water photos but i stay outside with my cam. Because, at this moment nothing excited me except the photography. May be my heart evoking somehting, which i was not able to do in my past.
It’s almost 7pm when we reached back to our camping place. Here i found another person in our group, who is passionate about photography. she is ‘Diana’. Sri look at the moon. Come let’s take few photos. She came to me with her enthusiasm. I remembered today is ” Poornima” so it is full moon. I went outside with her to capture few photos. When i saw her She was literally shivering. she hasn’t changed her clothes, after coming back from the river. But she still despartae to capture those photos. I really admire her passion in photography..
Mumpy announced, tomorrow is our last day here in forest. So early morning we are going to kali forest. So everyone has to be ready by 4am. When we heard that we almost fell down. Who will wake up at 4am yaar. Guys, if you want to get tickets you have to wake up, no other option. She smiled gently..
We went back to our tents.
I felt so happy, I am able to see some change in me. Finally i am doing something here, which gives me satisfaction. These guys are really amazing. Everybody so warmth when it’s come to aiding their friends..
Asusual we followed our boss orders and we all are woken up by 4am and we went to kali forest. I have taken few beautiful pics of ‘ kingfisher’ and ‘Hornbil’. When i shown those photos to “Shradda & Ujjvala”,Arey! tu bahut bada photographer banega re hum ku pata hai. They always like that encouraging others. They both shares a speacial bond with each other. I really liked that.
When we are coming back our way to camping place, the entire drive i am flirting with girls. mostly with pritam and snehal. I didn’t believe myself. Really can I do things like this.. I am actually surprised but they also enjoying it so, this time i didn’t hold myself. This is new amend in me.
I have booked my return ticket from londla station. So, my journey with this guys ends here. But i didn’t disoppointed. I know, “Main mere saath yadon ki bhandar leke ja raha thaa”. Everyone came to farewell me and we have taken one group photo there. When i went to give shake hand to “Shubhi”, pagal tera tho kuch nahi hoga re, She said in her typical language and she hugged me. I felt purity in her hug.

When i saw that photo in my room, “My eyes are totally filled with tears”. I felt one hand embracing me. I turned back, it is “Nive”, she knows the importance of this photo.




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