Hello am i speaking with sujatha?
Yes! Who z this?
Madam i am speaking from BVK hospital. It’s an emergency madam. Dr.Mehta wants to talk to you. So madam when can we expect you here.
Yaa.. I will be there in 45min..
Sneha.. I am going out to meet someone..So don’t wait for me have your dinner..
Ha mom.. But you remember naa tomorrow is parents meeting in school. You have to come..
Ha beta.. I know i will come definitely.. I placed a gentle kiss on her cheeks..

It’s took me 50min to reach the hospital. I have seen Dr.mehta speaking with few other doctors.

Hello doctor
Hi suji.. I was waiting for you, come with me.. He leaded me to the other buliding..
It is a mortuary building.. My heartbeat is constantly raising.. I hold my arms very tightly.
I am sorry suji, Here is the body. You can see her..

I entered in to that room.. Lot’s of bodies lying in that room. Nurse guided me towards one body..
When i saw her i moved to tears.. I can see, her eyes still hating this society..
Finally i managed to be myself.. and came out.
Suji, you have to fill this paper, to complete other formalities.

I was filling that paper but my thoughts took me 5years back.

Sujatha, I really impressed by the way your projecting our shows. So, I am giving you an opportunity to shoot this show tomorrow.
When my boss handover that file to me i almost jumped on him..Ryaan? are you serious? You really want me to shoot this show..
He knew, this is my dream. I was litterally waiting for this opportunity..
Yes suji, I have confidence in you.. You can easily take care of this project..
I really thanked him for this opportunity..
Ok, Suji go and prepare for the work..

I singed off my work and get in to my car, thinking about the task in my hands..
I enjoying my driving while listening arjit singh beautiful melodies..Wow! what a singer yaar. I almost lost myself in his songs.. suddenly i heard a voice, screaming loudly for help.

I stopped my car a side. when i get down from the car, i witnessed to see a pregnent girl.. suffering with delivery pains..
I don’t know what to do.. I have not figured anyone passing from this road.. I slowly embraced her with my hands and managed to get her in to car..She is screaming loudly out of that pain..
Hold yourself there.. Don’t give up.. We are near to the hospital..

I immediately called dr.Mehta..
Hello doctor this is sujatha.
Hi sujatha How r u?
Ya Doctor.. presently i need your help..
Ya sure! How can i help you..
I am carrying a girl to ur hospital. She is about to give birth..
K suhata, I will arrange necessary things here.
Thank you doctor.

I disconnected that call and looked at her.. Lots of scars on her face, she might have gone through horrible situations.
After 10mins drive i reached hospital. Dr.mehta already waiting for me. The moment she saw me, she alerted the nurses. They took her into the operation theater.
I waited about 2hours there, Dr.mehta came out from the O.T.
Doctor what happend? is she alright.
Ya suji.. She has given birth to a girl. The child is doing fine but.
What doctor? Is there anything wrong..
The mother, while giving birth her legs peralised and she losts plenty of blood. Her health is in critical condition. I think she is mentally disturbed.. I can’t assure you how many days she will live..Let’s hope for the good.
You can go inside and see them.

I entered in to her room..
Hello how are you feeling now?
she smiled.. Thank you madam for your help.. I sense the emotion in her words..
Give me your family members number, i will infrom them.
No madam, I have no one she replied, Her emotion suddenly turned in to anger in her words.
I am so sorry.. What is your name?
Swathi madam..

Swathi i will just come back if you need anything here, call the nurse.. ok

I came out from her room.. But my brain still thinking about her..
Finally i decided myself to stay here.
I picked up my phone and called to ryaan.
Hi suji, i was expecting your call. Have you prepared anything for tomorrow’s programme..
Actually Ryaan, i cann’t do that progamme tomorrow. Please give this task to murali..
Suji are you out of your mind? I know how much hardwork you have done for this project.
Yes, Please Ryaan. Understand me..
Sujatha is there anything wrong..
No, everything is good.. Please do this favour.. Handover this project to murali..
Ok. as your wish.
He disconnected my call.

She clutched my heart somewhere.. may be being a girl i responded in this way.. i answered myself.
swathi, how are you feeling now.. I asked her.
But her eyes still fearing about something.
I approached her, look swathi nothing will happen to your child i assure you that.

Tell me what happend in your life.
She closed her eyes, but her eyes crying no it’s not her eyes it’s her heart crying.
she slowly embraced her child in hands..

when i was child, my parents left me because i am a girl, I was grown up in the streets.. Slept on platforms..
I always asked the god why he created me as a girl..If iam a boy my parents would have accepted me..
I started to work in one home as a maid.. Time past very quickly.. Finally i was getting some light in my life.. but god never want me to see happy..
When i was 16, the family that i was working for they told me one day, swathi tomorrow is your marraige. we have decided a groom for you.. go and buy new clothes.
I was very happy. But the reality is, they sold me to a 50years old guy..
He is very crual, He beated me every night. Sexually harrased me.
Some times he brought his friends home to have sex with me..I was helpless..
But one day i felt very uneasy.. so i went to hospital.. There i realized i am pregnent.
When i told this matter to him, he forced me to have abortion. but i refuesed and ran away from home..

After listening her story, i really moved.. i want to help her to get out from this situation.. But how can I?
Madam i have one ‘LAST WISH’. i want my child to be grown in the differnet society where every one treat girls are equally as boys..
she gave her child to me and called her name sneha.

It’s almost 5years since i have taken her child. But i am very happy now, i fulfilled her ‘LAST WISH’


                                                                                                ″PINAKA HASTA

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