A Travel to Finding Myself

Dear passengers this is the last announcement for people flying for Hyderabad. I heard that announcement but my mind too busy in reading new novel of Jeffery Archer..
‘Sri’ announcement ho gaya hai… Chalo jaldi karo..
A sweet voice alerting me from my beside.. I slightly turned my face and glanced her smiling eyes.. Her eyes!! Some magic in her eyes.. Always smiling at me and making me happy..
“NIVE” my life partner, always supporting my crazy ambition’s.. I have strong belief that, she actually can read my mind and my thoughts… I am so greatful to have her in my life..
It’s 8’clock in the evening when we reached our home..
My home, it wasn’t changed a bit.. lot of trees covering the top roof.. a small garden besides balcony, This is my father’s dream home..
I slowly entered in to my room, it’s too dark inside.. I managed to switch on the light..
Everything was placed so perfectly in my room.. I spent my 28years here..each and every tiny thing of this room brimmed inn my brain.. I kept our bags in the corner cupboard.. when I turned back my eyes caught few photographes which are stickked on the wall besided my bed.. Without my involvement my hands moved towards the wall and picked up one photo.. It’s a group photo of 19 people.. I could see myself in that photo, standing besides a girl.. My mind slowly started to memorize most beautiful 4 days of my life..
20Years back…..
Srinu your not going to home untill you finished this pending file.. A vigorous voice ordering me.. It’s my boss..
I am working with a private company as an accountant..
Like every body i am also a working machine who works for 9 to 6..
Basically my family is financially not so strong..so I don’t have any other option but to work here..
My father he is a priest in a temple..Being from a orthodox family i am not allowed to talk with girls.. That was my father’s authoritarian orders to me. From my childhood, i have no friends even now I don’t have any strong bonds with anyone.. All of them are just ‘HI’ and Bye bacth. Being alone made me so sick mentally..Some times i conjecture myself a dead person.. I fed up with this life, so stressful it’s like some one controlling me without my permission…
Sometimes I used to be abused for others mistakes.. I don’t have courage to fight them back..
I am seriously working on that file..’Sri’ I heard one voice from the other desk.. It’s satish..
Hi satish.. I greeted him..He is the only guy in our office who treats me i am some one..
What’s happening yaar?
As usual it’s our boss..I nodded
Look at yourself, your eyes so red.. he said
I smiled casually..
why don’t you take break from this routine life.. get out from this life..go somewhere..
Where i can go, I don’t know any places.. even i do with whom i can go.. I asked him with emotional face..
I will give you one website name go and search in it.. You will find lots of touring places there..immediately he messaged me that website name..
I finally managed reach home at9pm..I opened my laptop to search for that website..
When i opened that website i was really astonished by their activities.. They got 90% positive reviews.. I made up my mind to book a tour with this travel group..
March29th they are organizing an advernture trip.. I gone through with it. It’s really cluthed my interest.. It’s a forest tour near to the londa city..
I made my online payment.. The trip starting from mumbai.. compare to mumbai londa is near to hyderabad.. But i want to start my journey from the starting point..
March 29th, Thursday, Morning 12.30pm, My flight landed at mumbai airport..But my train timing is 9.30pm.. I don’t know what to do.. New place, don’t know anyone here..
I planned to stay in the airport till evening..
I started reading “Preeti Shenoy’s” The life is what you make it..
1.30pm, i felt little bit sleepy.. so messaged in our group for their suggession for hotels.. Moslty of them suggested me to go to dadar station, there i can find few places to see.
So i have decided to go to dadar station.. while reaching the station i got a phone call from unknown number.. When i lift the call i heard a strange voice..
Hi srini, This is pankaj. Where are you?
It’s took me a while to realize he is my co-campanion.. Ha sir i am in dadar station..I replied.
The first thing he said to me, arey bheedu! don’t call me sir.. Call me pankaj..
I thought he might be in 30s..
So, why don’t you do one thing.. Come to my home. you can freshup here.. Later we both can go to station..My home is near to station..He suggested me..
I don’t know what to say..This is a unexpected invitation.. I never thought a unknown person would be invited like this to their home..
Either way, i don’t have any other option, so i accepted his offer..
He told me one temple address near to dadar station.. so i went there and waited for 10mins..
My phone rang again.. It is same number, so i lifted the call..
Hey srini where are you man? he asked.
Sir, i am standing exactly opposit to ‘Swamy narayan temple’ I replied..
Tu kaisa dikta kuch to bolde bhai…He asked me..
sir where are you now?
I am crossing the zeebra line..
When i saw him i was shocked..he must be in his 60s…
I introduced myself to him..
My home is near by, it will hardly take 10mins if we walk..what would you prefer? walk or cab…
No sir, I will walk..
So he leaded me towards his home..when we reached his home, one lady already waiting for us there..She welcomed me with beautiful simle…She is his wife, Mrs.Pankaj..
They both are really thouched my heart.. I am just 28, I already fed with my life.. almost in that stage to give up my life. But these couple are in their 60s.. still they are enjoying their lives and each other company..Both are jowel and so sweet.. I can never forget thier hospitality.. By the time i left their home i became one of their family member..
Time: 8:45pm, Place: Dadar railway station, Platform no:8..
We reached platfrom number8. There was already a small group assembled near to S3 coach.. we both strolled towards S3..There one smileie face welcomed us.. She might be 5ft height. She wore blue color top and black leggins..
Hi guys I am mumpy.. Trip leader.. She introduced herself..there is few more people around her.. She introduced them as well..
Viral urf saapwala, he is too lean and short..
‘Raj’ he is going to shoot the entire our trip.
‘Amit kheda’
Mumpy has given us our berth numbers in S3.. when we entered in compartment there was already 2 girls chatting with two guys..
Our train is about to start in 10mins..Still one of our companion yet to come..Mansi called her to confirm where was she..By the time mansi called, she was entering the platfrom..Suresh and mansi helped her to get into the train..
Our new companion name ‘Subhi verma’.. When i saw her first, i felt, more than her, her eyes talking to everyone.. equally she has perfect attitude..
Before anyone come to any conclusions, she clarified everyone that, she was married.. I don’t know that moment how many guys hearts broken..
Finally our journey started from Dadar railway station.. In kalyan one more person joined us..’Pritam’ she has beautigul smile on her face..
We are total 8people in S3, rest of the people are in S4..
I woke up at 7’clock in the morning.. Most of the people are still in sleep.
I completed my routines and went to s4. There i have seen 4New companions.. Daina, snehal, tejaswini, vaibhavi..
‘Daina’ When i saw her first, I thought she might be an engineering student but later i come to know she is a lawyer and she graduated from ‘Harvard law college’.. I was really impressed.
Around 8’clock our train reached to one station.. train is filling with huge crowd..
Suddenly we heard a loud voice screaming.. a small boy around 12 years old, carrying 2 heavy bags trying to get in moving train.. His mother screaming from inside the train.. Our seats are near to the entrance door, so Mumpy responded immediately and went to the door embraced his two hands and pulled him inside.. If she didn’t pulled that boy in time, he might be dead..
i was really impressed by her courage..
These guys slowly making their impact on me.. specially Raj and Mumpy and Viral they have special bond between them. Each one enjoying the others company.
I started to feeling comfortble with these guys.. I am slowly talking with everyone equally they are responding in such a nice way..
Our train reached Londa station by 11.30am.. There already 2 cruisers waiting for us..
#To be continued…



                                                                                                                                                                                           Pinaka hasta

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