I always perceived two voices inside me. It took me a while to realize, those voices are from my “Mind and Heart “. It was a dilemma to me why these elements screaming, especially when I got stuck into a situation. I faced sleepless nights thinking over this issue. Untill I find an answer to this question I will have hollowness in me. I have started to reading books for an impeccable answer. Each book has it’s own kind of interpretation towards my question. Finally I have decided to myself meditation will be the best amenity to know what’s happening inside of me. As a result of so many years meditaion my eyes able to see inside of my ‘Mind’. It seems to me I am in another dimension. It was so beautiful and pleasant. There I find a person who looks exactly like me. His face was glowing like a sun. Welcome to my world friend, he welcomed me with his vigorous voice.
Who are you, I asked him.
Don’t you recongized me? he asked.
No, but you are looking exactly like me, I said.
No, you are looking like me, because I am your ‘Soul’.
I was surprised! Really my ‘Soul’. It’s took me a while to discern..
My Soul: Why you came here?
Me: I am forging for an answer to my question.
My Soul: What is that question?.
Me: When ever I am into a situation, I am hearing two voices inside me. I find those voices are from my ‘Mind and Heart’. But I want to know why it’s happening?
My Soul: Beacuse your ‘Mind and Heart’ responding to your situation..
Me: I didn’t understand.
My Soul: Listen carefully.
‘Mind and Heart’ plays a pivitol role to control a person emotions. When ever you got stuck into any situation your mind relate this situation to your heart. Then the process will start between the “Mind and Heart” to find an answer to the situation. But the collaboration between Mind and Heart is never easy. Both shares different kind of approaches towards the situation. Even when you are in sleep, this process will work subconsciously. This process creating these voices inside you.
I was shocked by listening the entire process.
My Soul: Did you find perfect answer for your question?
Me: Yes, but I have a last question to you.
My Soul: What is it?
Me: Finally who will take decisions for me?
My Soul: He smiled…It’s me who takes decisions for you and keeps you safe…

                                                                                   “Pinaka hasta”


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