First Love (Part- 2)

Hello friends, Sorry to keep you waiting so longer..Here is the second part of the story..Hope you guys enjoy it..


Hey! ‘sri’.
I heard a voice behind me, when i turned back it was she, running towards me.
Thank god, finally i caught you she said.
What me, i stupefied.
yes, yaar…
I wanna buy few things. Every body looking so tired out there. Then i saw you going out, so I came.
Can I come with you?
Of course, but i don’t know the routes perfectly, I replied.
Not a problem. I will guide you, she said.
Are you sure?
Yes, I am very much sure..Come on, come on… let’s move..Firstly we need to hire a bike..
Ok.. I said.

We both went to one rental shop, Which bike you prefer to drive, she asked me..
I am not that particular about bikes… any bike…
We finally hired one ‘FZ’..
Ok yaar..Here onwards you will be guiding me..I told her with gentle smile..
Okk baba okk.. she smiled..

I wondered by the way she guiding me the directions.
This is not your first time to goa right? I asked her.
5th time she replied.
wow, i shocked.
I love the nature here, when ever i feel low, i will come to this place..She said..
It took us 45mins to come other side of goa..

What is this place, I asked her.
It’s called old goa, one of the best place to visit..
I find number of churches here, But i fond to “The Basilica of Bom Jesus church”..
I was really impressed by the way it was architectured…

She has taken me into the shoppingmall to buy few things for her..
It’s took atleast half an hour for her to decide what to buy..
I wondered! how can girls spend such time on buying things..
hey! Whcih one is looking good..She asked me..
Hmmm…White color top, It suits you, I said.
She trailed those clothes, I can’t believe my eyes, she looks like an angel..
My heart suddenly started to beat differently… I never experienced this feeling…
I know her from the past 3years,But i never felt like this before towards her..
I embraced my feelings..
Your looking so beautiful in this clothes, I said…
Really, thank you.. She replied..


#To be continued…..

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