The conversation

You are not the same person i used to know. You have amend a lot..
Previous you used to spend quality time with her, but look at you now.
Every thing has changed since you became busy man in your professional life..
No, I am not. I shouted..
I want to give comfortable life to her. Is that my fault?

First time I saw her in my angagement. She was looking beautiful in white color saree and her eyes smiling at me.I believed in my parents choice, haven’t seen her photo before the angagement. I felt that day, she is impeccable soulmate to me. That day I promised myself to give her comfortable life. Since then, I worked very hard, so that i can keep her more happy.
I tried to defend myself..

Your answer doesn’t satisfy me,The other person replied..
Comforts give us more luxury life but not a happy life.
Have you ever asked her feelings, about you? What she wants from you?
No, I never asked her. I know that..
I never expected this kind of question..I always kept only thing in my mind, to give her a comfortable life…But this question really making me lunatic.

You really didn’t get it do you? It’s not about the comfortable life you offering her. She never wants these comforts from you.
She is looking for some space in your world, want to share her happiness with you.
It’s not too late for you, spend time with her, Know her better, understand her feelings, gratify her small wishes..It’s the least you have to give her as a life partner.
I know the old you is still there, you can give her better life. After all you are me…

When I woke up, I realized it was my other half spoken to me…

I saw her face next to me in bed, she is so beautiful eventhough she is in sleep. I gently kissed her cheeks and prepared coffee myself.
‘Nive’ wake up. Lets have coffee together and offered her one cup. She was surprised and her eyes got that smile again..

#That conversation with myself thought me important lesson about my life..



#Dear reader, your comments gives boost to my writing skills..give me your valuable comments, I will assure to post more beautiful stories…



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