First Love

When I saw her photo in my valet I remember those beautiful days. My thoughts took me 3 years back. That was my first day as a graduate student in college. When i entered in to classroom everybody seems busy to me in making new friends and excited about new college life. I was too nervous-ed, went straight to the back bench and sanked in it. Few minutes later our college principle came to the classroom. All of us greeted him with smile, and introduced ourselves to him. Later he started speech about the college.
“Excuseme sir” may I come inn.. a sweet voice came outside the class room. Our principle gently smiled and welcomed her in to classroom. She entered in to classroom embracing a small bag with her hands. She wore purple color top and blue jeans. Her face, i have never seen any girl so beautiful with out makeup. She caught every body attention in class. Specially boys.. i can’t forget that day. She came in to the room and sat before me.
Every thing was going perfect, we completed 2 years successful and i was named as a college top scorer in accounts..Everything is so well and good. But that one day changed my life.
Before our final semester exams our classmates planned a small trip to goa for five days. We planned everything perfectly, where to stay, the hotels, main places to visit, everything. We texted plan details and things to carry to everyone. Thursday night 8pm we plan to meet in Kacheguda railway station.
Our train departed 30 mins lately.. We all arranged our belongings properly below our berths. Everybody hooked up with their buddies, sharing college memories with each others.

#Wait little longer guys,  story will continue……..



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